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  • <b class='text-danger'>Microcalvet</b>


    For Superior Sensitivity MICROCALVET is highly accurate and sensitive thanks to the combination of its 3D sensor and electrical calibration.Its heating and cooling system is easy to use, flexible and can operate down to sub-ambient temperatures.MICROCALVET can be used with many types of cells. Each brings the capability to achieve another type of measurement.

  • <b class='text-danger'>Microcalvet</b> Ultra

    Microcalvet Ultra

    For Superior Sensitivity, up to higher temperatures MICROCALVET ULTRA’s 3D sensor uses the latest technology of Peltier elements.Combined with its electrical calibration, it is highly accurate and ultrasensitive.Its heating and cooling system is as easy to use and flexible as the MICROCALVET’s one, and it can reach higher temperatures.

  • <b class='text-danger'>Microcalvet</b> Ultra 4C

    Microcalvet Ultra 4C

    Highest Sensitivity and Accuracy Temperature, Heat & Heatflow, and Heat Capacity measurements MICROCALVET ULTRA 4C is based on the same technology as MICROCALVET ULTRA but with four cells, for dual sample testing.It is designed to avoid cross-talks, even with large heat effects.