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Discover SPPS

Manual Peptide Synthesis

Discover SPPS
Discover SPPS

The Discover SPPS is a manual peptide synthesizer that utilizes microwaves to provide higher speeds and purities than traditional manual SPPS. The Discover SPPS allows analysis of the reaction mixture in between steps for method optimization or teaching opportunities. Complete deprotection, coupling, and cleavage in 3 minutes, 5 minutes, and 30 minutes respectively with microwave methods.


  • True internal fiber-optic tempreature control
  • 3 minute deprotection
  • 5 minute coupling
  • 30 mnute on unit cleavage
  • Compatible with greener solvents like Tamisolve
  • Upgrade option to automated systems
  • Flexible scale with included methods for 0.1 mmol

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T.G. 2165