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Peptide Purification System



The Prodigy™ is a unique preparative scale HPLC with a fully integrated heating system to access elevated temperatures for improved performance with peptide purification. This advanced heating system provides a uniform temperature for both the column and mobile phases and is compatible with columns up to 50 mm in diameter. Chromatographic methods from the heated analytical scale can now be performed directly at the preparative scale without the need for scouting runs through the use of temperature matching and CEM's proprietary focused gradient calculator.

The peptide focused development of the Prodigy makes it the ideal choice for simple or difficult separations - even for very hydrophobic peptides. The fully integrated heating system provides high level efficiency, without unnecessary complication.


  • Fully integrated heating system with pre-optimized methods
  • Built-in focused gradient calculator to convert from heated analytical to heated preparative scale
  • Purify up to 1.5 grams per run of crude peptide
  • UV directed fraction collection
  • Intuitive software with one touch startup, collection, and cleaning

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T.G. 550

Peptit Saflaştırma Sistemi